The ECB and Its Watchers

Over the years, "The ECB and Its Watchers" has evolved to an established platform for a mutually beneficial dialogue between central bankers, market participants and academics. Since its start in the year 1999, when the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt assumed responsibility for European monetary policy, the annual conference has met wide interest in the international financial community.

The conference series was first organized by the former President of Deutsche Bundesbank, Axel Weber during his time as Director of the Center for Financial Studies (CFS). From 2004 to 2014, Volker Wieland as Co-CFS Director and current Managing Director of the Institute for Monetary and Financial Studies (IMFS), was responsible for the organization.

Since 2014, Günter Beck, at the same time Fellow of the CFS and the IMFS, has been engaged in the organization, continuing the tradition of bringing together ECB Board Members, ECB watchers, as well as central bankers and academics from all over the world for an exchange of ideas on current aspects of monetary policy. The popularity and the success of the conference series, which is now a joint event of the CFS and the IMFS, have triggered the setup of similar events abroad.

The "The ECB and Its Watchers" Conference took place on April 6, 2017.

Please note that attendance of "The ECB and Its Watchers" conference is by invitation only.

Organization: Prof. Günter Beck
Media contact: Natascha Lenz