The ECB and Its Watchers XIX

List of Speakers

In order of appearance in the program:

Günter W. Beck,
Mario Draghi,
President of the European Central Bank
Natacha Valla,
European Investment Bank
Peter Praet,
Member of the Executive Board of the ECB
John B. Taylor,
Stanford University
Jan Hatzius,
Goldman Sachs
Michalis Haliassos,
Goethe University Frankfurt
Vitor Gaspar,
International Monetary Fund
Christoph Schmidt,
German Council of Economic Experts
Marco Buti,
European Commission
Hans-Helmut Kotz,
Philip R. Lane,
Central Bank of Ireland
Thomas Laubach,
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Hiroshi Nakaso,
Bank of Japan (tbc)
Sam Fleming,
Financial Times
Volker Wieland,
IMFS and German Council of Economic Experts
John Williams,
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco