Winter Semester 2019/2020

PMAK – Macroeconomics 2 (B.Sc. Economics and Business Administration)

This course provides an introduction to advanced macroeconomics at the undergraduate level, serving as a bridge between intermediate macroeconomics at the undergraduate level and graduate macroeconomics. The  course begins with economic growth and then proceeds to business cycles. Knowledge of functions, derivatives, and constrained optimization, along with basic statistics is assumed.

Business Cycle Theory and Policy (B.Sc. Economics and Business Administration)

The course introduces students to two modern theories of business cycles: Real Business Cycle theory and New Keynesian theory. A standard Real Business Cycle model will be formally stated and solved. Afterwards, a standard New Keynesian model will be formally stated and solved. Finally, we are going to use these two models for policy analysis. Students are supposed to learn how to state and solve modern business cycle models.