Books and Chapters in Books

  • The Science and Practice of Monetary Policy Today, Wieland, V. (ed),  Springer Science, 2009, ISBN: 978-3-642-02952-3. | Link: web page | Download: Books flyer

Chapters in Handbooks
  • Model Uncertainty in Macroeconomics: On the Implications of Financial Frictions, Co-authors Michael Binder, Philipp Lieberknecht and Jorge Quintana, in: David G. Mayes, Pierre L. Siklos, and Jan-Egbert Sturm (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Central Banking, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2019, Download: Working Paper
  • New Methods for Macro-Financial Model Comparison and Policy Analysis, Co-authors: Elena Afanasyeva, Jinhyuk Yoo and Meguy Kuete, in John B. Taylor and Harald Uhlig (eds.), Handbook of Macroeconomics: Vol 2, North Holland/Elsevier, 2016 Download: Working Paper
  • Forecasting and Policy Making, Volker Wieland, Maik H. Wolters, Handbook of Economic Forecasting, Elliott Graham and Allan Timmermann (eds.), 2013. Link
  • The New Keynesian Approach to Dynamic General Equilibrium Modeling: Models, Methods and Macroeconomic Policy Evaluation, Sebastian Schmidt and Volker Wieland, Handbook of Computable General Equilibrium Modeling, Vol. 1B, 1439-1506, Peter B. Dixon and Dale W. Jorgenson (eds.), 2013.

Chapters in Books
  • The Taylor Rule at Thirty: Still Useful to Get the Fed Back on Track, in: Michael D. Bordo, John H. Cochrane, John B. Taylor: "Getting Monetary Policy Back on Track, Hoover Institution Press, March 2024
  • Discussion of the burst of high inflation in 2021-22, in: Michael D. Bordo, John H. Cochrane, and John B. Taylor (eds.): How Monetary Policy Got Behind the Curve - and How to Get Back, Hoover Institution Press (page 227), March 2023
  • Evaluating Rules in the Fed's Report and Measuring Discretion, co-authors John H. Cochrane, John B. Taylor, in: John H. Cochrane and John B. Taylor (eds.), Strategies for Monetary Policy, Hoover Institution Press, May 2020
  • The Natural Rate and Its Role in Monetary Policy, in Michael D. Bordo, John C. Cochrane and Amit Seru (eds.), The Structural Foundations of Monetary Policy, Hoover Institution Press, March 2018
  • Negativzinsen: Geldpolitik oder Gleichgewichtszins? (Negative interest rates: Monetary policy or euqilibrium interest rate?) in: Monetary Economic Issues today. Festschrift in honor of Ernst Baltensperger, Orell Füssli, June 2017
  • Creditor Participation Clauses: Making No Bail-Out Credible in the Euro Area, Co-authors: Jochen Andritzky, Lars P. Feld, Christoph M. Schmidt, Isabel Schnabel, in Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti, Joanna Gray, G. Mitu Gulati (eds.), Filling the Gaps in Governance: The Case of Europe, European University Institute, eBook, May 2016.
  • Causes of the Eurozone Crisis: A nuanced view, Co-authors: Lars P. Feld, Christoph M. Schmidt, Isabel Schnabel, March 2016. Link
  • Maastricht 2.0: Safeguarding the future of the Eurzone, Co-authors: Lars P. Feld, Christoph M. Schmidt, Isabel Schnabel, How to fix Europe's monetary union - Views of leading economists, Richard Baldwin and Francesco Giavazzi (eds.), 2016. Link
  • Divergence of liability and control as the source of over-indebtedness and moral hazard in the European Monetary Union, Co-authors: Lars P. Feld, Christoph M. Schmidt, Isabel Schnabel, The Eurozone Crisis: A Consensus View of the Causes and a Few Possible Solutions, Richard Baldwin and Francesco Giavazzi (eds.), September 2015. Link
  • Low for How Long? Estimating the ECB's Extended Period of Time, Co-Author: Tilman Bletzinger, in Den Haan, Wouter (2013) (eds.), Forward Guidance: Perspectives from Central Bankers, Scholars and Market Participants, VoxEU eBook, October 2013. Link
  • Model comparison and robustness: a proposal for policy analysis after the financial crisis, February 2013, in Robert M. Solow and Jean-Philippe Touffut (eds.), What's Right with Macroeconomics?, Cheltenham, UK, and Northampton, USA: Edward Elgar | Download: Working Paper
  • Quantitative Easing: A Rationale and some Evidence from Japan, Reichlin, Lucrezia and Kenneth West (eds.), NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2009, NBER and University of Chicago Press, 2010. | Download: Final Version
  • Money in Monetary Policy Design: Monetary Cross-Checking in the New-Keynesian Model, with Guenther W. Beck, V. Wieland (ed.), The Science and Practice of Monetary Policy Today, Springer Science, December 2009. | Download: Final Version
  • The European Central Bank, Co-author: Michael Binder, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2008, Second Edition, S.N. Durlauf und L.E. Blume (eds), London: Macmillan | Download: PDF-File
  • Comment on 'Certainty Equivalence and Model Uncertainty', by Lars Hansen and Thomas Sargent, in: Orpahnides, Reifschneider, Faust (eds), Models and Monetary Policy: Research in the Tradition of Dale Henderson, Richard Porter and Peter Tinsley, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 2005. | Download
  • On the Relationship between Monetary Policy and the Transmission Mechanism, in Deville et al., (eds.), Issues on Monetary Theory and Policy - Proceedings of a Colloquium in Honor of Wolfgang Gebauer, 2005, Bankakademieverlag, Frankfurt.
  • A Continuous Minimax Problem and its Application to Inflation Targeting , Co-authors: Berc Rustem and Stanislav Zakovic, Georges Zaccour (ed.), Decision and Control in Management Science, Kluwer, 2002.
  • Robustness of Simple Monetary Policy Rules under Model Uncertainty, John B. Taylor, (ed.), Monetary Policy Rules , NBER and Chicago Press, (Co-authors: Andrew Levin and John Williams), June 1999. | Download: NBER Working Paper 6570 | FEDS Working Paper Version