IMFS Annual Report 2019 available

The IMFS Annual Report 2019 gives an overview about all IMFS activities, e.g. recent scientific papers of IMFS researchers, conferences and lectures. Also the Macroeconomic Modeling and Comparison Initiative (MMCI), a large-scale research project of the IMFS is presented. In interviews, IMFS Research Professor Michael Haliassos gives an insight into his work on household finance and former researchers Philipp Lieberknecht and Felix Strobel describe how their jobs are related to their research at the IMFS.

On about 100 pages, readers can find the IMFS highlights 2019 as well as all researcher, their publications, projects and events organized by the IMFS, such as the conference "The ECB and Its Watchers".

The IMFS Annual Report 2019 is published in English and can be downloaded as PDF.