Volker Wieland expects weaker economic growth (Münchner Merkur, dpa-AFX)

Current developments in the Corona crisis could put the brakes on the economy at the end of the year, Prof. Volker Wieland warned in interviews with several media outlets. Not only closures lead to consumer restraint, "but so does people's reluctance to spend, which simply results from the fear of contagion as the number of infections rises," he said. Economic output could then stagnate or even shrink in the fourth quarter.

As a member of the German Council of Economic Experts, Wieland's latest forecast of economic growth is 2.7 percent this year. For 2022, the panel expects growth of 4.6 percent. "We assume that the recovery in Germany will be delayed, but will remain intact," Wieland said.In an interview with "Münchner Merkur," Wieland advocated stricter measures in the fourth wave of the Corona pandemic. "In any case, one should rely on 2G regulations in the recreational sector," he said. Daycare and school closures should be avoided if possible.

Münchner Merkur / Frankfurter Neue Presse: "Wieland fordert mehr 2G und fürchtet Szenario durch möglichen Lockdown"

dpa-AFX: "Wirtschaftswachstum könnte schwächer ausfallen"