Balint Tatar

Working Papers

Nr. Forscher Titel Forschungsbereich Jahr Keywords
144 Mátyás Farkas, Balint Tatar Bayesian Estimation of DSGE Models with Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Macroeconomics 2020 DSGE Estimation, Bayesian Analysis, Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
152 Lazar Milivojevic, Balint Tatar Fixed exchange rate - a friend or foe of labor cost adjustments? Monetary Policy 2021 labor cost, exchange rate, DSGE
183 Balint Tatar Has the Reaction Function of the European Central Bank Changed Over Time? Monetary Policy 2023 ECB, monetary policy, reaction function
201 Balint Tatar, Volker Wieland Taylor Rules and the Inflation Surge: The Case of the Fed Monetary Policy 2024 inflation, Fed, monetary policy, Taylor rule