Prof. Dr. Maik Wolters

Affiliated Professor, IMFS Alumni, IMFS Research Fellow

Programmbereich: Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy

Working Papers

Nr. Forscher Titel Forschungsbereich Jahr Keywords
49 Tobias Cwik, Gernot J. Müller, Maik Wolters, Volker Wieland, Sebastian Schmidt A New Comparative Approach to Macroeconomic Modeling and Policy Analysis Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy 2012 Macroeconomic Models, Model Uncertainty, Policy Rules, Robustness, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Model Comparison
206 Jochen Güntner, Magnus Reif, Maik Wolters Sudden Stop: Supply and Demand Shocks in the German Natural Gas Market Macroeconomics 2024 energy crisis, VAR, natural gas
179 Josefine Quast, Maik Wolters The Federal Reserve’s Output Gap: The Unreliability of Real-Time Reliability Tests Macroeconomics 2023 output gap, data
162 Magnus Reif, Mewael F. Tesfaselassie, Maik Wolters Technological Growth and Hours in the Long Run: Theory and Evidence Macroeconomics 2021 productivity, technology, technological growth
133 Josefine Quast, Maik Wolters Reliable Real-time Output Gap Estimates Based on a Modified Hamilton Filter Macroeconomics 2019 output gap, inflation forecasting, potential output, GDP
132 Galina Potjagailo, Maik Wolters Global Financial Cycles since 1880 Financial Markets 2019 financial crisis, financial cycle, macrofinance, house prices, GDP, Great Depression
121 Maik Wolters How the Baby Boomers' Retirement Wave Distorts Model-Based Output Gap Estimates Macroeconomics 2018 DSGE models, baby boomers, recession
68 Volker Wieland, John B. Taylor, John F. Cogan, Maik Wolters Fiscal Consolidation Strategy: An Update for the Budget Reform Proposal of March 2013 Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy 2013 GDP, US, models
59 Maik Wolters Evaluating Point and Density Forecasts of DSGE Models Macroeconomics 2012 DSGE models, forecasting, model uncertainty, forecast combination, density forecasts, real-time data, Greenbook
60 Maik Wolters, Peter Tillmann The Changing Dynamics of US Inflation Persistence: A Quantile Regression Approach Monetary Policy 2014 inflation persistence, quantile regressions, structural breaks, unit root test, monetary policy, Federal Reserve
61 John F. Cogan, Maik Wolters, Volker Wieland, John B. Taylor Fiscal Consolidation Strategy Macroeconomics 2012 John F. Cogan, John B. Taylor, Volker Wieland, Maik Wolters
62 Maik Wolters, Volker Wieland Forecasting and Policy Making Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy 2012 Forecasting, monetary policy, fiscal policy, DSGE models, conditional forecasts, policy rules, expectations, business cycles, robust policy
81 Volker Wieland, Maik Wolters Is there a threat of self-reinforcing deflation in the Euro area? A view through the lens of the Phillips curve Monetary Policy 2014 ECB, EZB, euro, Phillips, inflation, Japan
113 Mewael F. Tesfaselassie, Maik Wolters The Impact of Growth on Unemployment in a Low vs. a High Inflation Environment Macroeconomics 2017 growth, inflation, trend inflation, unemployment