Dr. Gregor Böhl

IMFS Alumni

Themen: Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Financial Stability


Working Papers

Nr. Forscher Titel Forschungsbereich Jahr Keywords
118 Gregor Böhl, Thomas Fischer Can Taxation Predict US Top-Wealth Share Dynamics? Macroeconomics 2017 Wealth, Inequality, capital tax, capital gains
119 Gregor Böhl Monetary Policy and Speculative Stock Markets Monetary Policy, Financial Markets 2017 spillovers, stocks, stock prices, asset price targeting, financial markets
142 Gregor Böhl, Gavin Goy, Felix Strobel A Structural Investigation of Quantitative Easing Monetary Policy 2020 QE, Fed
143 Gregor Böhl, Felix Strobel U.S. Business Cycle Dynamics at the Zero Lower Bound Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy 2020 US, financial crisis, zero lower bound
148 Gregor Böhl Efficient Solution and Computation of Models with Occasionally Binding Constraints Macroeconomics 2021 zero lower bound, (ZLB),