Prof. Dr. Alexander Meyer-Gohde


Programmbereich: Financial Markets, Macroeconomics


Working Papers

Nr. Forscher Titel Forschungsbereich Jahr Keywords
175 Alexander Meyer-Gohde, Ekaterina Shabalina Estimation and Forecasting Using Mixed-Frequency DSGE Models 2022 DSGE, mathematical methods, forecasting
195 Johannes Huber, Alexander Meyer-Gohde, Johanna Saecker Solving Linear DSGE Models With Structure-Preserving Doubling Methods 2023 DSGE models, algorithm
193 Alexander Meyer-Gohde Numerical Stability Analysis of Linear DSGE Models - Backward Errors, Forward Errors and Condition Numbers 2023 DSGE, models, MMB, Numerical accuracy
189 Alexander Meyer-Gohde, Mary Tzaawa-Krenzler Sticky information and the Taylor principle Monetary Policy 2023 DSGE, models, monetary policy, Taylor rule
182 Alexander Meyer-Gohde Solving Linear DSGE Models with Bernoulli Iterations 2023 DSGE
125 Alexander Meyer-Gohde, Daniel Neuhoff Generalized Exogenous Processes in DSGE: A Bayesian Approach Financial Markets 2018 DSGE, ARMA, Markov chain, Bayesian analysis
174 Alexander Meyer-Gohde, Johanna Saecker Solving Linear DSGE Models With Newton Methods 2022 DSGE, models
154 Alexander Meyer-Gohde On the Accuracy of Linear DSGE Solution Methods and the Consequences for Log-Normal Asset Pricing Financial Markets 2021 DSGE, Asset Pricing
137 Martin Kliem, Alexander Meyer-Gohde (Un)expected Monetary Policy Shocks and Term Premia Monetary Policy, Financial Markets 2019 term structure, interest rates, transmission mechanism, DSGE