Chair of Financial Markets and Macroeconomics

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration | Department of Money and Macroeconomics

Prof. Dr. Alexander Meyer-Gohde

Prof. Dr. Alexander Meyer-Gohde has held the Chair of Financial Markets and Macroeconomics since April 2018.

Alexander Meyer-Gohde obtained his bachelor's from Colorado State University in his home state before moving to Germany. His master's followed at the Humboldt-Unversität zu Berlin and he obtained his doctorate from the Technische Universität Berlin. Before coming to Frankfurt, he held various positions in Hamburg, Berlin, and Potsdam

Alexander Meyer-Gohde's research concentrates on the methodological (numerical, theoretical, and empirical) foundations of macroeconomics and its interaction with financial markets through nonlinearities in risk and uncertainty, as well as through market frictions.