03/11/2009: Katja Langenbucher, Goethe University

Professor Katja Langenbucher gave a lecture on "The future of capital markets law in Europe".

16/07/2009: Thomas Laubach, Goethe University

Professor Thomas Laubach gave a talk on "Budget deficits, debt, and interest rates".

21/04/2009: Francisco Nadal De Simone, Central Bank of Luxembourg

In his Working Lunch, Francisco Nadal De Simone of the Central Bank of Luxembourg shared his insights on "The Central Bank of Luxembourg Liquidity Surveillance Framework".

05/03/2009: Helmut Siekmann, IMFS

IMFS Professor Helmut Siekmann gave a lecture on "The Deficiencies in the Legal Framework as a contributing Factor to the present Crisis".

26/02/2009: Volker Wieland, Goethe University

Prof. Volker Wieland talked about "Fiscal Policy to the Rescue: Old Keynesians versus New Keynesians".

22/01/2009: Marcel Fratzscher, European Central Bank

Marcel Fratzscher of the European Central Bank gave a talk on “The Financial Crisis, Global Imbalances and Monetary Policy”.