Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability

The Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS) is a university center of Goethe University Frankfurt. It consists of three core chairs that belong to the Faculties of Economics & Business Administration and Law. The chairs were set up within the framework of the Projekt Währungs- und Finanzstabilität (Monetary and Financial Stability) financed by the Stiftung Geld und Währung (Foundation for Monetary and Financial Stability).

The main objective of the IMFS is to raise public awareness of the significance of monetary and financial stability. It does so primarily through its research activities and by organizing conferences, seminars, and lectures attended by both national and international participants. The Institute promotes a dynamic exchange of ideas among central banks, financial market players, and supervisory agencies and contributes to scientific progress in its areas of expertise. The IMFS also advises government entities in these fields.

The IMFS is committed to excellence in research and graduate education. An integrated approach is taken to economic and legal aspects. The Institute takes pride in fostering promising young academics and professionals. The IMFS is located at the House of Finance on Goethe University's Campus Westend.

Chairs at the IMFS are:

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