Georgios Georgiadis, European Central Bank

“At the IMFS, I enjoyed working in an atmosphere of creativity and high motivation”

Georgios Georgiadis is a senior economist in the ECB’s International Policy Analysis Division in the Directorate General International & European Relations. In 2006 Georgios took up his studies at Goethe University and in 2012 obtained his Ph.D. in Economics, advised by Michael Binder and Thomas Laubach. After that, he started working as an economist in the ECB’s International Policy Analysis Division.

How would you describe your job to other people?

I have been an economist in the international department of the European Central Bank since 2012. I contribute to the department’s work of monitoring global financial markets in terms of exchange rates, capital flows, risky asset and commodity prices, carrying out research on spillovers, global imbalances as well as the evolution of the international monetary system, and coordinating the preparation of briefings for ECB Board Members for their participation in international high-level meetings.

What was the main focus of your research at the IMFS?

At that time, I was working on my doctoral thesis, which was concerned with the development of new econometric methods for the analysis of cross-country data. For example, one of the projects I was working on examined the question why monetary policy has different effects in, say, the U.S. and the euro area. To do so, I developed a framework that allowed me to exploit cross-country data to explore how an economy’s labor market rigidities and financial market structure shape monetary policy transmission.

How is your job related to your work at the IMFS?

Most of the tools and knowledge about data structures I routinely rely on in my every-day work at the ECB I acquired during my time at the IMFS.

What did you enjoy most regarding your time at the IMFS?

There are many things I appreciate about my time at the IMFS. The most important may have been the dynamism and curiosity of colleagues which generated an atmosphere of creativity and high motivation.