According to Volker Wieland, bank customers will have to wait a while longer for fixed deposit rates to rise (Bild)

Will fixed and overnight deposit rates continue to rise? In an interview with the tabloid "Bild", Prof. Volker Wieland assumes that in most cases bank customers will have to wait a while longer for the interest rate increases to reach their accounts.

Those who are willing to switch can already benefit from significantly higher interest rates for overnight or fixed-term deposits. BILD has compared various offers with the consumer portal and looks into the question of whether fixed and overnight deposit interest rates will continue to rise. Wieland is convinced: "I believe that the central banks will continue to raise interest rates in the future."

In his estimation, however, it will take a while before these interest rate increases actually reach the banks and savings accounts. "What's important is the competition for higher interest rates and people's interest in higher-yielding investment opportunities," Wieland said. "At the moment, however, banks don't see themselves under much pressure because they still have large cash reserves." "Über vier Prozent Zinsen"