Call for Papers: Research Workshop "Numerical Methods in Macroeconomics" on October 22-23, 2024

In a continuously changing world with global financial, epidemiological and climate crises, new perspectives frequently call for new or improved methods or reflection on existing methods. On October 22-23, our research workshop on "Numerical Methods in Macroeconomics" will bring together researchers with insights in these developments with keynote contributions by Prof. Harald Uhlig and Prof. Serguei Maliar.

The deadline for paper submissions for the meeting is August 31, 2024. Registration ends on September 30, 2024

Call for Papers (PDF)
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The Organizers:
Prof. Alexander Meyer-Gohde, IMFS
Prof. Falko Fecht, Deutsche Bundesbank
Martin Kliem, Deutsche Bundesbank
Jakob Liermann, IMFS