"The state has spread out" - Volker Wieland as guest in the podcast on economic freedom

In the podcast "Economic Freedom", Prof. Volker Wieland talks to Jörn Quitzau, Berenberg, about the current direction of economic policy in Germany, the role of the state in the economy and why, in his view, it would be wrong to raise the inflation target in the current situation.

"By and large, there is a chance that we will manage to get out of this hyperinflationary phase without it becoming entrenched," Wieland said. The European Central Bank's absolute priority, he said, must be to stabilize inflation at 2 percent on a sustainable basis. But fiscal policy also plays an important role, he said. "It is extremely important that EU fiscal policy returns to the rules and does not relax the rules." He said this was also in Germany's interest.

Podcast "Wirtschaftliche Freiheit": "Wirtschaftspolitischer Paradigmenwechsel"