ECB strategy review will be in the focus of the next conference "The ECB and Its Watchers" on March 24

The strategic review of the European Central Bank (ECB) will be in the center of debate at the next conference "The ECB and Its Watchers" on March 24. To kick off the event, ECB President Christine Lagarde is invited to deliver a speech.

The conference panels will focus on the ECB's mandate, its instruments and lessons from the financial crisis. The program will be soon made available.

At the conference "The ECB and Its Watchers", central bankers, financial market participants and academics discuss current issues of monetary policy and financial stability. Since 1999, when the ECB took up its mandate, about 400 ECB watchers from all over Europe, North America and Asia regularly come to the conference to get first-hand information and to debate with members of the ECB Governing Council, presidents from euro area central banks as well as representatives of international organizations and renowned researchers. The conference is organized by Prof. Volker Wieland. Attendance of "The ECB and Its Watchers" conference is by invitation only.

Booklet "20 Years of The ECB and Its Watchers" (PDF)

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