For Helmut Siekmann the ECB is in a state of limbo after OMT verdict ("dpa", "Les Echos")

After the Federal Constitutional Court has rejected the case against the European Central Bank's (ECB) OMT program, Helmut Siekmann sees the ECB in a state of limbo.

The ECB "is "neither strengthened nor weakened", he said to the German news agency dpa.  The Karlsruhe-based court formulated limits for the scope of the OMT program and other conditions.

The verdict will also have an impact on other pending lawsuits against ECB measures, Siekmann told the French newspaper "Les Echos". Among others, the legal expert Markus C. Kerber has presented a constitutional complaint regarding the corporate bond purchase program.

dpa via Sü "Karlsruhe stützt EZB-Anti-Krisenkurs unter Auflagen"
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