Helmut Siekmann views discussion on cash restrictions critically ("Börsen-Zeitung")

According to Helmut Siekmann it may be judged differently whether restrictions on cash payments are legally permissible. In any case, such measures do not increase confidence in the euro, he said in an interview with the German financial daily "Börsen-Zeitung".

There are signs that cash payments were being pushed back, Siekmann said. It would be critical if this formed part of a bigger concept. In his opinion, euro bills are the sole legal tender without any limitations. There were purposes that were completely legal and useful.

Against the background of the current monetary policy, Siekmann pointed out that cash was an alternative to the devaluation of bank deposits due to negative interest rates.

Börsen-Zeitung: Helmut Siekmann im Interview: "Das stärkt nicht das Vertrauen in den Euro"