IMFS Annual Report 2018 in a new layout

The IMFS Annual Report 2018 gives an overview about recent activities at the IMFS, its researchers and new developments in major research projects such as the Macroeconomic Modeling and Comparison Initiative (MMCI). The Annual Report 2018 is published in an new layout.

On about 100 pages, readers can find the IMFS highlights 2018 as well as a new publications by IMFS researchers and the events organized by the IMFS, such as the conference "The ECB and Its Watchers".

Furthermore, IMFS researchers Prof. Roland Broemel and Prof. Alexander Meyer-Gohde present their current projects in interviews and former researcher Meguy Kuete, now Deutsche Bundesbank, tells how "working at the IMFS enabled me to keep up with advances of the scientific discussion".

The Annual Report is published in English and can be downloaded as PDF.


IMFS Annual Report 2018 (PDF, 737 MB)