IMFS presents Annual Report 2016

In times of extremely low or even negative interest rates, unconventional monetary policy measures and steps towards the limitation of cash payments, issues regarding price and financial stability are of great public interest. The IMFS provides new insights on these questions from an interdisciplinary point of view, that is from an economic as well as a legal perspective. The newly published annual report 2016 shows current projects and provides an overview about publications, staff and structure of the IMFS.

The further expansion of the computational platform Macro Economic Model Database (MMB) ranks among the notable projects in 2016. In a contribution to the Handbook of Macroeconomics Vol. 2, Volker Wieland and his team explain how the principles of the open platform, which currently contains 68 models. In 2016, the IMFS and the Hoover Institute of Stanford University were jointly awarded with a grant by the Sloan Foundation of about 600,000 Dollar in order to establish  the Macroeconomic Model Comparison Initiative (MMCI). More than 7,500 researchers worldwide have registered for the platform.

During lectures that are open for the interested public IMFS researchers and guests have discussed issues regarding the ECB, banking regulation or the future of the European Union. Highlight of the events is the annual conference "The ECB and Its Watchers" for central bankers, ECB watchers and market participants.

Furthermore, IMFS graduates describe how they build on their research during their current jobs at Deutsche Bank, the Bank of Korea and the World Bank.

The IMFS Annual Report 2016 is published in English and available for download (PDF, 6,26 MB). The interview with former IMFS researchers are available in the section “Testimonials of graduates” on our website.