IMFS Working Lunch with Prof. Katharina Pistor on December 9

On December 9, Professor Katharina Pistor will give a lecture on "The Legal Code for Global Capital", analyzing how global finance is sustained without a global state.

Since 2001, Katharina Pistor has been Professor of Law at Columbia University's School of Law. She is a leading international expert in the field of comparative corporate law, financial market regulation and institutional economics. In 2012, she received the Max Planck Research Award in recognition of her research at the intersection of law and economics.

"The Legal Code of Global Capital"
Finance is coded in law and law ultimately rests on enforceability. Global finance creates a puzzle: How is it sustained without a global state? It turns out that a single domestic system (or two) suffices to sustain global finance -- provided all other systems respect it. This is the system we have. It raises important questions about self-governance and costs sharing of the inherently instable global financial system.

12:00-1:00 p.m.
Room "Commerzbank", House of Finance
Campus Westend, Goethe University Frankfurt

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