IMFS Working Lunch with Prof. Wolf-Georg Ringe, University of Hamburg, on November 22

The perils of bank resolution will be in the focus at the IMFS Working Lunch on November 22 with Prof. Dr. Wolf-Georg Ringe. The Chair for Economics Analysis of Law at the University of Hamburg and Director of its Institute of Law & Economics will analyze "The Dark Side of Bank Resolution: Counterparty Risk Through Bail-in".

The introduction of bail-in resolution powers to impose the costs of a large bank’s failure on its creditors rather than on the taxpayer is the most enthralling initiative of the post-financial crisis regulatory framework. However, one important conundrum remains in the elaborate bail-in regime: it is unclear who is best qualified to hold bank capital that is subject to bail-in.

In his lecture, Ringe argues that such regulatory agnosticism as to who should hold bail-in-able debt is subverting the new bail-in tool altogether, verily inducing banking capital investors to counterproductively choose outcomes that further systemic risk.


IMFS Working Lunch
Prof. Dr. Wolf-Georg Ringe, Chair for Economics Analysis of Law, University of Hamburg
"The Dark Side of Bank Resolution: Counterparty Risk Through Bail-in"

Wednesday, November 22, 2018
12:30-1:30 pm,
Room “Commerzbank”, House of Finance
Campus Westend
Goethe University Frankfurt

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