Interview with Volker Wieland: "30 billion euros should be handed back to tax payers" (HNA)

Volker Wieland is skeptical regarding the agreement the SPD and the conservatives reached in their exploratory talks. Instead of partially eliminating the solidarity contribution up to a certain income level, the conservatives and the SPD should rather tackle the so-called "cold progression", Wieland said in an interview with the German newspaper Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine (HNA):

Wieland criticized the cold progression as a hidden tax increase. A reform of the income tax should be used to return the increase in tax revenue from bracket creep. Since 2010, this has amounted to 30 billion euros, which should be handed back to the tax payers, Wieland said. The partial elimination of the solidarity surcharge only accounted for twelve billion euros.

In Wieland's view, the rate of the unemployment insurance contribution should be cut even further than planned. He is also critical regarding the pension scheme. On the European level, Wieland prefers to add clear rules for an orderly debt restructuring to the Eurpean Stability Mechanisum (ESM), instead for developing it into a fund controlled by the European Parliament.

HNA: "30 Milliarden zurückgeben"