Macro Model Base team contributes to new Handbook of Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics has undergone a profound change due in no small part to the questions thrust into the spotlight by the global financial crisis of 2008. Prof. Volker Wieland and the Macroeconomic Model Base team have contributed a chapter to a newly published Handbook, which provides an overview of these developments.

In the Handbook of Macroeconomics Volume 2, the editors John B. Taylor of Stanford University and Hoover Institution and Harald Uhlig of the University of Chicago survey major advances in macroeconomics since the publication of Volume 1 in 1999, carefully distinguishing between empirical, theoretical, methodological, and policy issues.

Volume 2A is dedicated to economic growth and the methodology of macroeconomics containing the chapter by Volker Wieland Elena Afanasyeva, Meguy Kuete, Jinhyuk Yoo entitled “New Methods for Macro-Financial Model Comparison and Policy Analysis“. They show a comprehensive method of comparing models and achieving robustness.

Volume 2 B comprises three sections, which deal with financial-real connections, models of economic growth and fluctuations as well as macroeconomic policy. Overall, 74 economists contributed to the 33 chapters of the Handbook.

Volume 2A has 1374 pages, Volume 2B 1370 pages.
The Handbook of Macroeconomics at Elsevier (Vol 2A, Vol. 2B)

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