New IMFS brochure shows research topics and graduates at a glance

A new brochure of the institute gives an overview of the research topics and the network of the institute. Another focus is on the IMFS alumni.

Founded in 2007, the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS) is a center for economic and legal research with a focus on central banks supported by Goethe University and the Foundation for Monetary and Financial Stability (Stiftung Geld und Währung). Its interdisciplinary research focuses on the tasks, competencies and powers of central banks in monetary policy as well as regulation and financial supervision.

In addition to research work and the promotion of young academics, the IMFS is dedicated to the exchange of academic views - for example, through the annual conference “The ECB and Its Watchers.” Since 2012, the Executive Director of the IMFS has been Prof. Volker Wieland, holder of the Endowed Chair of Monetary Economics. Deputy Director is Prof. Roland Broemel.

The brochure is available for download as PDF  or can be ordered by email at info[at]imfs-frankfurt[dot]de.