Next IMFS Working Lunch on January 29 with Prof. Michael Binder

On January 29, IMFS Affiliated Professor Michael Binder gives a lecture in the series IMFS Working Lunch with the title "Determinants and Output Growth Effects of Debt Distress".

While the potential perils of debt distress are well understood, considerable uncertainty remains as to the empirical magnitude of the costs of debt distress, particularly with respect to output growth losses induced by debt distress. In his lecture Professor Michael Binder, Chair for International Macroeconomics & Macroeconometrics at Goethe University Frankfurt, proposes a model to characterize the cross-country output growth implications of a country being in debt distress.

Thursday, January 29 2015

"Determinants and Output Growth Effects of Debt Distress"

12:00-13:00, Room "DZ Bank" (E.20), House of Finance, Campus Westend

Please register for the IMFS Working Lunch at lectures[at]imfs-frankfurt[dot]de.