Helmut Siekmann successfully represents German government in dispute over financial aid before Federal Constitutional Court

IMFS Distinguished Professor Helmut Siekmann has represented the Federal Government in a lawsuit to clarify the constitutional conformity of issues regarding the distribution of federal financial assistance to the Länder. The decision has considerable impact on present and future programs of the Federal Government to enhance a weak municipal infrastructure, especially in the field of education, based on Article 104c Basic Law.

On December 18, 2023, the Second Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany (BVerfG) handed down a ruling (case no 2 BvF 1/18) stating that Section 2 and Section 11(1) of the Act on the Promotion of Investments by Financially Weak Municipalities (Municipal Investment Promotion Act - KInvFG) are compatible with the German Federal Constitution, the Basic Law. In specific, the Court confirmed the constitutionality of the regulations on the distribution of federal financial aid among the various states.

Press release of the Federal Constitutional Court