Prof. Rainer Haselmann joins the IMFS

Prof. Rainer Haselmann, Chair of Finance, Accounting and Taxation at Goethe Universität, now forms part of the IMFS Executive Board. In December 2023, he joined as a Research Professor. In this capacity, he essentially supports the new Financial Stability Initiative at the IMFS.

Since 2014, Haselmann has been a Professor at Goethe University and since 2018 he has been a director at the Center for Advanced Studies on the Foundations of Law and Finance (LawFin) together with IMFS Research Professor Tobias Tröger. In its current funding period, the interdisciplinary group of researchers put particular emphasis on the potential and the deficits of „green“ financial regulation. Apart from that, his research focuses on banking, financial regulation and corporate governance and was published in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Political Economy and the Review of Financial Studies.

Members of the IMFS Board of Directors are Prof. Volker Wieland as Managing Director, Prof. Roland Broemel (Deputy Managing Director), Prof. Michael Binder, Prof. Michael Haliassos Prof. Alexander Meyer-Gohde, Prof. Tobias Tröger as well as Distinguished Professor Helmut Siekmann.

The Financial Stability Initiative bundles IMFS research in the areas Financial Supervision and Stability and Financial Markets and Regulation.