Prof. Volker Wieland on the ECB's inflation objective at the "ECB Forum on Central Banking"

At the "ECB Forum on Central Banking", Prof. Volker Wieland explained why the European Central Bank (ECB) should take a broader view at inflationary developments and how this could be integrated into central bank communication. His presentation and the subsequent discussion at the academic conference are available as a video.

"I think it would make sense for the ECB to include broader measures of inflation in its considerations, in addition to the consumer price index HICP, "said Wieland at the virtual conference, which normally takes place in Sintra, Portugal. According to Wieland, with the inflation target of below but close to two percent, the ECB already has sufficient flexibility. Wieland's presentation was part of the panel on "Inflation objective, structural forces, and central bank communication".

The general topic of the conference was "Central banks in a shifting world". The ECB is currently conducting a review of its strategy, in which it intends to examine all aspects of its monetary policy.


ECB Forum on Central Banking 2020
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Presentation by Prof. Volker Wieland (PDF)
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