Research institutes at the financial center Frankfurt at a glance ("Börsen-Zeitung")

The financial daily "Börsen-Zeitung" gives an overview about research institutes and universities, which play an important role at the financial center Frankfurt apart from banks and supervisory authorities. The IMFS also ranks among them.

"One of the most popular institutions in Frankfurt actually is Goethe University", Börsen-Zeitung writes in the article. About 170 scientists, among them about 30 professors, conduct research and give lectures at Goethe University's House of Finance. This also where several research institutes are located, such as the Center for Financial Studies (CFS), the center of excellence "Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe" (SAFE), the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation (FIRM) as well as the IMFS.

The IMFS aims at promoting public awareness of the benefits of monetary and financial stability, Börsen-Zeitung points out.

Börsen-Zeitung: "Talentschmiede mit Strahlkraft"