Short comment: For Volker Wieland many questions remain unanswered after the election of Donald Trump

After the electoral victory of Donald Trump as the next US President Prof. Volker Wieland is expecting a tendency towards more market economy in the United States rather than a complete abandonment of free trade.

"I cannot imagine the United States leaving the World Trade Organization", Wieland said. "In many sectors Trump has promised more deregulation, relying on traditional Republican proposals. Yet is unclear, which of the election promises Trump can actually implement. Trump's protectionist endeavours and attempts to curb immigration are very problematic, however, he has also announced measures to stimulate the economy like lower taxes and increased spending. This would have a counteracting effect. The question of financing and the effect on public debt is crucial. This will have an influence on the development of the economy in the United States."

After the US elections Prof. Volker Wieland also discussed the implications for the economy on the program "Bizz Talk" of Deutsche Welle TV.

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