Siekmann and Wieland on the OMT lawsuit (VoxEU)

On October 14, the OMT program is on the agenda of the the European Court of Justice as the German Constitutional Court had referred the case onward in February.

In the online blog VoxEU of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Helmut Siekmann and Volker Wieland have analyzed the decision of the German Constitutional Court.

The authors have examined the relationship between the European and the German Court and the implications for the outcome of the lawsuit as expected by the financial markets. In this regard, they come to the conclusion that "the benign response of the financial markets may be due to an expectation of a likely compromise between the European and the German Courts".

VoxEU: "Have markets misunderstood the German Court's decision on OMT?"

CEPR Policy Insight No. 74
"The German Constitutional Court's decision on OMT: Have markets misunderstood?"