Tune in: The regulation of financial markets

In an educational radio program, Helmut Siekmann examines whether financial markets can be tamed by regulation. The 30-minute program is available as podcast.

 In the course of the financial crises after the collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers in 2008, numerous new regulations were passed. According to Siekmann, this also entails disadvantages. "The supervisory system is getting more and more confusing", he criticizes. In his opinion, the supervisory system is too complex with noone being able to estimate whether there are back doors.

Therefore, Siekmann remains rather skeptical regarding the success of financial regulation. "Whether the financial system as a whole has become considerably more stable, to my mind, still is questionable".

The "Funkkolleg Wirtschaft" consists of 22 sequels and is available as podast (only in German). Sequel 20 with the interview with Helmut Siekmann focuses on financial regulation.