TV interview with Volker Wieland: "ECB should normalize its monetary policy" ("Der Aktionär TV")

According to Prof. Volker Wieland, the European Central Bank (ECB) should abandon its expansionary monetary policy. "The ECB has already created inflation," he said with regard to inflation measures such as the BIP deflator. Thus, the ECB had prepared the ground for a normalization of its monetary policy and a slowdown of its bond-buying program, Wieland said in an interview with the program "Der Aktionär TV". "If the ECB continues its expansionary monetary policy for too long, this will threaten financial stability".

The monetary policy had negative consequences for the banks as the low-interest rate policy led to long-term risks in the banking sector. In Wieland's view, monetary policy could stimulate demand, however, "monetary policy cannot create sustainable growth", he warned. With a normalization of the monetary policy and a return of the risk premia for sovereign bonds, governments were inclined to implement necessary reforms.

Regarding the developments in Great Britain and the US, "Brexit is the bigger shock", Wieland said. The withdrawal from the EU would have long-term consequences.

Der Aktionär TV: "Professor Volker Wieland: Brexit erschreckt mehr als Trump" (10 min.)