Vikrant Vig joins IMFS

Vikrant Vig has taken over the Endowed Chair of Financial Economics at the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS).

Currently, he is on leave from his position as Professor of Finance at London Business School. In 2008 he earned a Ph.D. from Columbia University. Vig’s field of interest are Corporate Finance, Law and Finance, Banking, and Organizational Economics. In various publications he analyzed the subprime crisis in the United States. In collaboration with Deutsche Bundesbank, he investigated aspects of banking regulation and supervision.

Vig is co-editor of the “Review of Finance” and associate editor of the “Journal of Financial Intermediation” and “”Finance Research Letters”. Organizations worldwide are making use of his expertise. He gave talks at elite institutions like Harvard, Chicago, Berkeley, Yale, Wharton and Columbia and also was a Visiting Scholar at the Reserve Bank of India in 2005.