Volker Wieland criticizes campaign issues of SPD candidate Schulz (CNBC)

According to Volker Wieland Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz has picked the wrong topics for the election campaign. "Schulz is taking the wrong topics such as redistribution and rising inequality instead of focusing on competitiveness and how to make Germany fit for the future", Wieland said in an interview with CNBC.

In Wieland's view, many old people were much better off than in the past. For Wieland, this debate is not driven by the facts. However, according to Wieland, there is the danger that Germany is too complacent. "It's falling asleep on the steering wheel", he said.

"Germany is in a very good situation, we're benefitting from the reforms in the past, the creation of a low-wage sector, the ultraloose monetary policy, rising employment and an increase in tax revenues." Nonetheless, Germany needs to be fit for the future, Wieland warned. "We need more flexibility and the government has to loosen up regulation."

Volker Wieland: "Schulz not on the road to success by attacking Merkel"