Volker Wieland criticizes the ECB's continued monetary policy (Tagesschau.de)

Despite the ongoing economic recovery and rising inflation rates the European Central Bank (ECB) contines its expansionary monetary policy. According to Volker Wieland, the ECB already should have reacted as he said in an interview with Tagesschau.de.

In view of the rising risks for financial stability the ECB should have talked about preparing the tapering. "It is not a matter of waiting with all measures until the inflation is on target. Instead, the ECB should start talking about an exit from the bond-buying program", Wieland said. In his opinion, it is important for the ECB to react, even with a small step. "That's not even a rise in interest rates", he added.

Tagesschau.de: "EZB belässt Leitzins auf Null"