Volker Wieland: "The forces of growth in the economy must be allowed to unfold."

What can economic development achieve? In an interview with "Lennardt und Birner", Prof. Volker Wieland advises a supply-oriented economic policy. What is needed is personal responsibility, a willingness to take risks and innovation. "The growth forces in the economy must be allowed to develop."

"In principle, support, e.g. in the form of subsidies, is not a growth driver per se," he warns. The state should focus its support on the framework conditions and think broadly about location policy. Wieland is against subsidizing individual companies. "The policy currently being pursued by the federal government and some state governments to make production at a location attractive to a few companies with subsidies running into the billions is misleading." In contrast, approaches at EU, federal and state level as well as at local authority level make sense in order to improve the competitiveness of the business location.

In this context, Wieland also refers to the recommendations for action of the "Hessian Future Council for the Economy", which he co-chaired together with representatives from companies, trade unions and associations. "It's not, or at least not only, about the money".

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