Volker Wieland expects core inflation to remain high (Main-Post)

Even though the inflation rate has recently been lower than in previous months, Volker Wieland does not yet see this as a sign of easing. Core inflation will remain high, perhaps even rise, he said in an interview with the Main-Post media group. "This means that inflation will not fall back to two percent so quickly. I'm not as optimistic about that as the ECB."

According to Wieland, the price development could be remedied by expanding the energy supply. The options are limited, he said, including the import of liquefied natural gas. "But we could, for example, allow shale gas extraction using fracking methods. We have very large reserves there." Nuclear energy could also continue to make an important contribution, as in Sweden, for example.To speak of free riders when prices of scarce goods rise above the additional costs is not justified, according to Wieland. "The profit sets an incentive to produce more. That makes sense." In contrast, monopolies are a problem, he said. "That's where market power can be used to limit supply and increase profits."

Main-Post: "Inflation und Energiekrise: Warum Wirtschaftsexperte Volker Wieland vor starken Lohnerhöhungen warnt"