Volker Wieland expects inflation rates to rise significantly (Wiwo.de)

After an increase in the inflation rate at the beginning of the year, Prof. Volker Wieland expects prices to rise by two percent on average for the year, and by three percent in some months at the end of the year. This trend could continue, as he explained in an interview with Wirtschaftswoche online. "However, I assume that similarly high inflation is also conceivable in 2022 and the years thereafter, i.e. between two and three percent annually."

Wieland warned that one should not ignore the risk that it could also become even more, the reason being the growth in the money supply and credit. "The broad money supply is currently growing at a rate of more than ten percent, about twice as fast as in previous years. That's where inflation risks are building up, should the amount of money also push into the goods markets via the credit markets."

In his view, this could have consequences for financial stability. "In any case, one should not lose sight of or downplay a possible rise in interest rates on longer-dated bonds. That could put some borrowers in financial markets in a bind, precisely because many are too carefree."

Wiwo.de: "Inflationsraten von drei bis vier Prozent sind nicht undenkbar"