Volker Wieland explains the reasons for the current inflation in the podcast "Wirtschaftliche Freiheit"

The current price development does not come as a surprise to Prof. Volker Wieland. "Already in mid-2021, you could see inflation rising." The reasons for the inflation trend in the euro area and the role of the European Central Bank (ECB) are the focus of the latest episode of the podcast "Economic Freedom" ("Wirtschaftliche Freiheit").

In an interview with Prof. Norbert Berthold, Wieland explains the developments since the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine war and explains why, in his view, concerted action is not an appropriate solution to avoid a wage-price spiral.

Podcast "Wirtschaftliche Freiheit": "Inflation, Lohn-Preis-Spirale und Konzertierte Aktion" (55:06 min)