Volker Wieland calls for supply-side turnaround in economic policy (Phoenix-TV)

According to Prof. Volker Wieland, a broad change in supply-side policy would significantly improve the economic situation in Germany. He said this in the talk show on the Phoenix TV channel on "The economic policy of the traffic light coalition - is Germany losing touch?".

In his view, incentives for investment and employment should be increased. Wieland sees another starting point in taxes. Other countries had significantly reduced their corporate taxes compared to Germany. He also opposed the idea of promoting individual companies with extraordinarily high subsidies. "It is the opposite of the watering can principle and the wrong strategy," he said. "The government doesn't know which innovations will be successful. The market will show that."

In the Phoenix roundtable, Wieland discussed with Sven Höppner, Association of family-owned companies (Die Familienunternehmer), Katharina Reuter, Federal Association of the Sustainable Economy (Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft), and Ulrike Herrmann, taz. The panel was moderated by Anke Plättner.

Phoenix: "Die Wirtschaftspolitik der Ampel - verliert Deutschland den Anschluss?"