Volker Wieland presents with Council for the Future of the Hessian Economy 200 recommendations for action

The Council for the Future of the Hessian Economy has presented 200 measures for the strengthening of the economy in an interim report to the Hesse government. Prof. Volker Wieland and Dr. Marie-Luise Wolff, chair of Entega AG, act as co-heads of the Council.

The 200 recommendations for action and measures are intended to serve as an impetus for the Hessian state government to provide the best possible support for the Hessian economy in terms of digitization, decarbonization, coping with demographic change and the effects of geopolitical system competition.

"We need to massively improve the framework conditions for innovation and growth. Only with a competitive and growing economy will we be able to master the upcoming transformation and maintain prosperity," said Wieland at the presentation of the interim report. "The Hessian Future Economic Council presents numerous practical recommendations for action on how this can be done in concrete terms. Urgently needed for this are creativity, pragmatism as well as an entrepreneurial attitude of success - and not only in the economy, but also in the authorities and the entire society."

In the Future Council convened in March 2023, representatives from business, science and society will discuss strategies and approaches to further modernize Hessen and make it crisis-proof as a business location.

Press release of the government of the State of Hesse and interim report for download