Volker Wieland urges clear priorities ahead of Hesse elections (FAZ)

At the Frankfurter Volksbank breakfast talk on the subject of "Hesse before the election", Prof. Volker Wieland called for clear priorities to be set and for more concentration on the essentials, as reported by the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".

"If you don't want a loss of income, you need growth and performance," said Wieland, who is also co-chairman of the Council for the Future of the Hessian Economy, in the panel discussion with Eva Wunsch-Weber, CEO of Frankfurter Volksbank, trades president Susanne Haus and ZDF election expert Matthias Fornoff.

Ahead of this Thursday's upcoming European Central Bank (ECB) council meeting, Wieland argued for another interest rate hike in light of ongoing wage pressures. "I think interest rates would have to go even higher, at least temporarily." Inflation remains "stubborn," he said.

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The panel discussion on Youtube