Volker Wieland on the ECB's bond buying program ("Wallstreet online")

Before the meeting of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) experts are waiting for ECB President Mario Draghi announcing large-scale sovereign bond purchases. However, many economists, among them Volker Wieland, criticize this plan.

As already mentioned in "Wirtschaftswoche", according to Volker Wieland it is not necessary to start a large-scale bond buying program in reaction to the decreasing oil price. The ECB should not only look at deflation risks but should also take into account that governments might tend to procrastinate necessary reforms because of quantitative easing, "Wallstreet online" cites Volker Wieland.

("Das sagen Experten zu möglichen EZB-Staatsanleihekäufen" - Wallstreet online)