Volker Wieland on the future of the eurozone (Zeit online - Blog)

This blog post focuses on the new edition of "Wirtschaftsdienst -Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik", which is dedicated to the discussion of the so-called Five Presidents' Report to deepen the Economic and Monetary Union presented on June 22, 2015. Among the contributors to this edition of "Wirtschaftsdienst" are four members of the Council of Economic Experts, including Volker Wieland.

There are different views about where this is headed, is said in the blog post. The Council of Economic Experts criticizes various shortcomings. Instead, the economic advisor e.g. propose an insolvency mechanism in case states go bankrupt.

Zeit online - Blog "Herdentrieb": "Eurozone stärker integrieren - möglich und nötig?"

To the contribution of Lars P. Feld, Christoph M. Schmidt, Isabel Schnabel und Volker Wieland: "Europäische Union - Vertiefung möglich und nötig?" as an excerpt in the blog "Herdentrieb"