Volker Wieland on the future of the monetary union (Offener Kanal Rhein-Main)

The Greek crisis has been causing disturbances in the eurozone for months. How can the Economic and Monetary Union survive in the future? In a 20-minute-program Prof. Volker Wieland and Sandra Fiene, press officer of the German representation of the European Commission, answer the questions of students.

"I would advise against dividing the eurozone into two parts", Wieland said to the students of class 11 of the Claus-von-Stauffenberg school in Rodgau near Frankfurt.

The TV workshop for students was organized by the Europe Direct Relais Rhine-Main and the Open Channel Offenbach/Frankfurt. The Europe Direct Relais Rhine-Main forms part of a Europeanwide network of information centers regarding the European Union, financed in parts by the European Commission.

To the video in the media center Hesse: "Europa hautnah: Die Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion"