Volker Wieland on the Greek bailout (VoxEU)

"Greece needs to continue building a functioning state and a market economy", Volker Wieland argues with Lars P. Feld, Christoph M. Schmidt, Isabel Schnabel, members of the German Council of Economic Experts, and Benjamin Weigert, Secretary General, in an opinion-piece at VoxEU.

"The impact of Greece leaving the Eurozone seems manageable", the experts write. According to them, the contagion to fear at this time concerns politics. "Suppose the Eurozone were to adopt the Greek government's view that the austerity and structural reform approach they have pursued jointly since 2010 was wrong, and were to reverse course. This would strengthen radical political forces in other member countries," Volker Wieland and his colleagues point out. In this case, they fear "massive capital flows out of the Eurozone as a whole". This would "call its future existence into question".

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